One shared Inbox for Instagram and All of Your Customers’ Preferred Channels

You no longer need to reply to messages from Instagram DM via your smartphone, instead incorporate them to an existing flow you have.

What can I do with The Messenger API for Instagram?

Instagram Feature 1

Increased efficiency, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction on Instagram.

Instagram Feature 2

Create self-serve experience with Automation in your Instagram DM.

Instagram Feature 3

Incorporate messages from your Instagram DMs into your existing communication flow.

Instagram Feature 4

No longer need to go into the Instagram app to reply to Instagram Direct messages (DMs).

Instagram Feature 5

Use OneTalk Quick Reply template to provide correct answers on repetitive questions.

Benefits You Get by Integrating Instagram DM API with OneTalk.

Instagram Feature 6

Be engaged and more active.

Instagram Feature 7

Holding faster conversations.

Instagram Feature 8

Resolving queries more easily.

Instagram Feature 9

Serving customers solely via Instagram.

Instagram Feature 10

Increasing overall efficiency.

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Ready to start saving time, create an amazing customer experience, grow sales on Instagram?