Improve patients outcome through direct chat

Achieve greater results for your patients by having a more direct and effective way to reach your patients. Direct chat allows a better understanding of your patients.

taptalk-healthcare-solutiontaptalk-healthcare-solution as a solution for Healthcare complete chat SDK allows you to reach your patients faster and quicker, without having them to be to be physically present in the doctor’s office.

Extend patient care beyond doctor’s office

Help find solutions for patients more effectively wherever you are.


Develop a better doctor and patient relationship

Develop a stronger understanding of your patients by having access to direct chat.


Easy consultation and feedback for patients

Improve doctor and patient communication by providing a platform for conversations.


Go beyond the regular doctor visits to take care of patients

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    Available on most platforms

    iOS · Android · Web (coming soon).

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    Patient contact list

    Keep organized by having a list of your patient’s contacts that are reachable by chat through the platform.

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    All the essential messaging features

    Group chat · 1-to-1 messaging · Invitations · @mentions · Typing indicators · Read receipts.


Build a better understanding of your patients

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    Support for rich media messaging

    Send high-quality images, videos, files, share contacts, and location in the chat room.

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    Send messages with complete confidence

    All messages sent are encrypted, so the content of the message is only between the sender and recipient.


Personalised solutions for individual patients

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    Customizable interface

    • Create custom chat bubble.
    • Customize the UI from colors, fonts, and icons.
    • Consistent brand experience throughout the chat features.
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    Analytics and export messages

    Access to basic analytics and export messages feature on the dashboard.

Other Solutions

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