Optimize your on-demand business with instant communication

Support your on-demand business with a chat messaging feature platform for a direct and seamless experience.


TapTalk.io as a solution for On-demand

TapTalk.io complete chat SDK offers a multitude of features that is deemed essential to running an on-demand business such as direct 1-on-1 chat, custom chat bubble, export messages, simple analytics and many more.

Increase user interaction

51.68% of messages were sent from mobile devices in 2018.


Lower cancellation rates

By facilitating a more human approach for users to communicate with each other.


Increase gross merchandise value

Increase transactions helped by features such as chat, custom data, and more.


Instantly connect with all aspect of on-demand

  • Ttap-onDemand-solution

    Integrated support for multiple applications

    • Sync real-time data across all platform.
    • Support for messages across multiple apps.
    • Support for multiple push certificates.
  • Ttap-onDemand-solution

    Customizable interface

    Create custom chat bubble, customize the UI from colors, fonts, and icons according to your brand and make sure your users have the same brand experience across all chat features.


Support for users beyond chat messaging feature

  • Ttap-onDemand-solution

    Support for rich media messaging

    Send high-quality images, videos, files, share contacts, and location in the chat room.

  • Ttap-onDemand-solution

    Send messages with complete confidence

    All messages sent are encrypted, so the content of the message is only between the sender and recipient.


Packed with customizable and useful features

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    Analytics and export messages

    Access to basic analytics and export messages feature on the TapTalk.io dashboard.

  • Ttap-onDemand-solution

    Develop and customize features

    Push certificates · Enable or disable push notifications · Badge count options.

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