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WhatsApp Broadcast Limit

Aware About WhatsApp Broadcast Limit to Avoid Getting Banned

By Jessica Jacob
02 / 04 / 2022

With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp's popularity has been growing rapidly as the primary need of communication across much of Asia, Latin America and Europe. Easily downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store, WhatsApp is a go-to free app for messenger. Despite some privacy concerns about the app, the general consensus is that this California-based company has a brighter future for the app.

It is for this reason that five years after its release, Facebook has decided to invest more than $19 billion to acquire this messaging app. Even Facebook's messaging app, Messenger, can't keep up with WhatsApp's worldwide popularity.

WhatsApp Broadcast Limit

Nowadays, businesses will make use of this platform through various features offered by WhatsApp. Even if the features offered are very useful, there are also risks for users. Such as receiving spam messages, login credentials problems, WhatsApp spam, the possibility of fake news, and so on. Businesses also need to pay attention when their customers block WhatsApp spam messages because it will greatly impact their performances. To reach its maximum potential, we will focus on how to use your device and boost your business.

Some of them that we will discuss today are WhatsApp Groups, WhatsApp Business API, and broadcast messages.

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What is WhatsApp Group?

Not limited to individual contacts, you can also send messages to groups of people on WhatsApp group. Anyone can create a group, then share messages with other group members.

You can also have multiple groups on the platform. Whether it's your family, friends from school, co-workers, neighborhood housewives, or kids, you can have a messaging WhatsApp group for almost anything!

It also serves as a great feature for mobilization campaigns. In countries like India, political parties actively use WhatsApp group to exchange messages with their followers. This also has a drawback, as spam numbers can utilize the app to spread misinformation.

Previously, the number of members that could be added to a WhatsApp group was limited to 100. But in 2016, they increased the WhatsApp group limit to 256 people.

Go Beyond the WhatsApp Broadcast Limit

WIth the limited 256 users in the WhatsApp group, it could be a bit tricky. Previously, you had to invite individual contacts to join the WhatsApp group. But then, WhatsApp announced a feature where you just have to share the invite link for people to join.

Let's say you are the admin of a group that already has 256 WhatsApp users. If you try to add multiple members one by one manually, WhatsApp will tell you that it is not possible because you have reached the WhatsApp group limit. However, if you keep inviting people via the link, they can still participate.

Using Broadcasting Messages on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp for daily communication, sometimes you may have receive spam messages like "Send this message to 10 other people and you will get good news overnight". These WhatsApp messages are sent through broadcast messages for your number.

Broadcast refers to sending signals or messages from one source to multiple destinations at the same time. For  broadcasts, when a WhatsApp user sends a chat message to their multiple recipients with one click, it is called a WhatsApp broadcast message. No receiver can see other broadcast receivers.

Whether you are using the WhatsApp messaging app or the WhatsApp Business app, you can start a  broadcast by simply clicking on the three dots at the top right of the main "CHAT" window.

It is very easy to create a WhatsApp broadcast list in the WhatsApp Business app to send the desired message to your audience. But as the people of "great power come with a little sacrifice" say, there are some limitations to this type of broadcast on WhatsApp.

Requirements for Broadcasting Messages

The Broadcast List feature allows you to send messages or media to multiple contacts at once. The broadcast message will appear as your private message.

According to WhatsApp, there are a few requirements to do this:

  • Make sure all the contacts in the broadcast list have your number saved in their address book.
  • There is no limit to the number of Broadcast Lists you can create.
  • You can select up to 256 contacts in each broadcast list.

To ensure your messages are delivered correctly, don't broadcast a large number of messages at once. When your customers deemed you as a WhatsApp spam number or spam messages, they could make your contact as a block WhatsApp spam and you won't be able to send any broadcast messages to them in the future.

How To Broadcast Messages to WhatsApp Users Without Being Spam Messages

Broadcasting on WhatsApp is considered by some to be a "dark art", but it's not necessary if you adhere to the strict rules of the messaging platform. Users are more aware of the suspicious links and message, spam messages, or malicious links that are shared through WhatsApp message.

Here's how to get bulk messages right. Because honestly? WhatsApp spam is everywhere.

The idea of ​​sending one message on WhatsApp to many engaged users at the same time is tempting, but SMEs and businesses should proceed with caution. Flooding people with what could be considered spam messages and businesses risking their accounts being suspended or, worse, being kicked out of the messaging platform for good. Because WhatsApp provided its users with WhatsApp company download help so they can report block spam WhatsApp message.

After all, WhatsApp is committed to protecting users from suspicious message, malicious content, fake news, unknown numbers, or other false pretenses. These moves were made to protect its reputation as a premium CX channel. However, this does not mean that the "broadcast" message is a no, no; Along with WhatsApp's rules and processes for mass messaging are followed, brands can still enjoy all the benefits that broadcasting has to offer risk-free.

Words of Warning About "Unofficial" WhatsApp Bulk Messages

There are unofficial broadcast "channels" that offer a way to bypass WhatsApp rules. These channel providers are ready to praise the tangible benefits. For example, there's no need to get official approval, and sending bulk messages is quicker and easier. What this supplier doesn't mention are the risks:

  • Possibility of account blocked if WhatsApp catches (and, beware - they actively search!)
  • Zero integration with external systems
  • Inability to use chatbots or offer access to multiple agents
  • Lack of transparency and service reliability

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Is Broadcasting WhatsApp Using The App Enough for Business?

It all depends on a case by case. Let’s dive deeper into it.

If you are a local/small business that performs well using the WhatsApp Business app, you will most likely have 100-200 customers you know personally. It's obvious they have your WhatsApp Business contact in their log.

In this scenario, you can take advantage of WhatsApp Broadcast Lists by open WhatsApp business application as most of them are likely to receive the messages you want to send.

If you are a medium or large business with more than 200 subscribers, you may have concluded that WhatsApp Broadcast using the regular WhatsApp Business app is not for you.

What’s The Solution?

Using WhatsApp Business API

In 2018, WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Business API. The goal is to help SMEs communicate with their customers on WhatsApp.

To use the WhatsApp API, businesses need to verify themselves in order to activate their business contact on the WhatsApp API. But, WhatsApp itself cannot verify all activities around the world.

With a WhatsApp API enabled business number, you can send broadcast messages to thousands of your customers at the same time.

Using Third-Party Vendors

WhatsApp Business API doesn't come with a built-in bulk messaging function because it doesn't have a real interface. Instead, WhatsApp relies on authorized third-party vendors and their dedicated marketing platforms to provide the feature.

For example, with an omnichannel messaging platform, OneTalk by, you can use the Broadcast Message feature easily. This feature allows you to send messages to multiple recipients all at once. You can even share the workload messages with multiple agents because OneTalk allows you to have multiple admins on one number.

Increase sales, marketing, and support with WhatsApp Business API by OneTalk. You can create the best possible interaction for customers with the API of the world's most popular messenger app, officially supported by WhatsApp. OneTalk also offers help for you to get a green tick for your WhatsApp account and make it authentic. This will boost your business’ credibility even more. 

While it may seem bothersome to send broadcast or bulk messages, OneTalk could simplify the whole process into tiny steps. The best part-OneTalk could also integrate several messaging platforms into one dashboard for easier search!

WhatsApp Business API Broadcast Features

Often referred to as WhatsApp Blast, you need to work with a third-party WhatsApp Business API service provider to get this service. Send messages in bulk becomes easier, including more advantages:

  • Unlimited number of recipients
  • Send messages to hundreds of contacts with one click without wasting energy
  • Doesn't need to save the customer's contact number. In other words, you can send a message to anyone as long as the contact is stored in the WhatsApp database.
  • Personalize the message entry according to the system you want, so the information you convey will be clear and detailed
  • Arrange message delivery schedule or message claiming
  • Anti-ban system

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WhatsApp Business API broadcast message can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies in developing your business. In addition to the broadcast messaging feature, there are many more advantages that you will get by using the WhatsApp Business API.

Use the right third-party vendor to securely operate and provide the best services to your customers. No more WhatsApp spam messages to customers. Instead, optimize your WhatsApp account to boost your sales.

What are you waiting for? This is the sign that you need to improve your business account through OneTalk. Boost your credibility, send bulk messages, blast promotion, and easy accessibility across platforms and devices only on OneTalk. No more complicated or banned accounts because of spam messages report, because you can get the trick while using WhatsApp Business API.

Try it by yourself, starting with chatting with our agent here.

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