Benefits of Having A Chat Launcher On Your Website

Benefits of Having A Chat Launcher On Your Website

Your social media is one platform that could (hypothetically) help your customers in finding the solutions they needed. Simply by using a direct message feature, and voilà, they could reach a customer service line. Problem solved? Think again. Imagine having all your customer service management, routed through social media. What if we could tell you there’s a better way?

What if, they could reach out to you via your website instead?

A chat launcher can support your engagement with website visitors directly and in real-time! Which in turn, will increase the rate of sales, a conversion rate of visitors to customers, and many more! You might be surprised how a simple live chat can hugely impact both your customer service experience and the sales performance of your business.

1. Efficiently Solves Pain Points

How long do you think, will a customer wait within a queue? A survey conducted by great clips shows that 94% of customers would only accept 5 – 10 minutes of waiting time; and out of 48% of those customers would assume that your business is poorly run. Simply because of waiting time. Remember, happy customers, run businesses.

2. Economical

The cost per interaction of a live chat is significantly lower compared to any other communication gateways, i.e. phones, email assistant, etc. With a live chat feature, a single agent is able to delegate multiple customers at a time. This will increase your business productivity and maintain great customer satisfaction at the same time.

3. Happy Customers

Faster response time brings more customers to your business. Not only will it make them happy, but a lasting good impression can also be a huge impact on a customers’ conversion rate.

4. Keep Tabs on Your Customer Service Team

How do you judge the success of a business? One sure way is by measuring its customer service experience. Ring your customers of their opinions, and ask about their satisfaction with your customer service team.

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