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Chat as an E-Commerce Solution

By Dominic Vedericho
27 / 09 / 2019

In today's world, communication represents a big part of business revenue. Many new e-commerce businesses are getting inventive regarding their strategy to encourage interaction between customer and seller, also between customer and company customer service. One of those strategies is using live chat. Live chat is believed will increase e-commerce conversion and improving the effectiveness in terms of cost and productivity. Live Chat already been implemented by many e-commerce globally with many functionalities, for example as a feature for customers to negotiate the price of the product or just to ask for questions about the application or website problem to the customer service.

PowerTalk chat User Interface

In theory according to, the average of e-commerce conversion rates are 1% to 2%, and these conversion rates can be improved using live chat. There are many examples that prove these statements, from the American Marketing Association that claimed chat in B2B companies able to improve their conversion rates by 20% to Virgin Airlines that claimed their conversion rate improved by 23% and average order value improved by 15% after deploying their chat.

Other than increase conversion, using the live chat also helping the effectiveness in terms of cost and productivity. According to Websitebuilder, live chat is 400% less expensive than the phone support way of customer service. This means the company can press the budget and allocate it to another area like marketing, branding, and many else.

PowerTalk is a simple and user-friendly chat SDK

We in believe that live chat feature is the future in e-commerce, where human interaction will be the key to the success of the transaction. PowerTalk will give the best experience in terms of chat with a reasonable price so every e-commerce, will different power of spending can feel this benefit of live chat.

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