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Learn About Using Social Messaging Platform For Businesses

By Ardian
28 / 07 / 2020

Whether you have started your business years ago or just started to build a new one, you will always have the need to find a new way of making your audience. Fret not, in the new era of modern communication, social messaging platforms have become recent hits. So much that even more than one social messaging platform has managed to steal the top rank in the number of active users.

This, however, has been an excellent opportunity for any business to grow audiences, including yours. Therefore, an updated marketing strategy must be done immediately. So, if you want to effectively promote your business, you have to learn to ride this new wave. As a result, you might find your business grows bigger in indeed no time.

Nevertheless, finding the ideal way to market your brand using these platforms can be tricky. Thus, you need to properly learn about using social messaging platforms for businesses. Here are some quick starters to give you ideas on how to actually implement strategic content marketing in social messaging apps for your business.

Social Messaging Platforms 101

Just when the world has reached the year of 2020, mankind has found a new way to explore it. More than 3,4 billion people are now actively using social media messaging platforms as the primary means to connect with the world. Do you know how much the number means? It is roughly 3 times the population of the crowdest country in the world, China.

But what is a social messaging platform, really? It is basically an application on your mobile phone that instantly connects you with the world. For as we know, the world we live in today has taken many forms. We have reached the point where cutting a distance between people, country, even continent, is possible. Social messaging platforms are built to support the idea the whole time. Nowadays, you can send selfies as well as upload data to anywhere in the world just by one single tap. All you have to do is install apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and TapTalk to your mobile phone.

Starting to promote your business

After you have learned the basics of social messaging platforms, you can begin to think about how to implement your customer service on one of those. Many companies have started to build their community on every social media platform. But now, you started to wonder if it works well or even cost-effective. However, there are several steps you can apply as a simple guideline. Here are some of them:

1.  Create the appropriate content

Creating the right content means you have to understand your brand and your platform. For example, when you choose to develop a B2B community on social media messaging app, your content must take the necessary formal voice. However, when your buyer persona is a housewife looking for in-home services, you might find casual content more appropriate. Content is the secret spice of your brand’s popularity. Remember to regularly update your content for maximum results.

2. Develop your own community

Building a community should be the aim of any brand. The best way to do this is, of course, by creating and managing your own account on Omnichannel messaging platform. By doing this consistently, you would gain excellent brand awareness to unlock more buyers.

3. Choose the right platform

Determining the best platform for your business equals the key to success. Right here, research is the answer to all your questions. You can take one of OneTalk, as the first sample.  As one of the leading Omnichannel messaging platform,  this channel is perfect for any business. Especially, when you want to connect to customers in the fastest manner. By using OneTalk, you can combine all the channels into one inbox so you can effectively communicate with your customers through only one tool. As a result, you will get in touch with your customer faster. This will lead to more sales and revenues for your business. 

To learn more about OneTalk Omnichannel platform, visit our website or contact us via email

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