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Linkyfi and Redefining WiFi Marketing with WhatsApp Integration

Linkyfi and Redefining WiFi Marketing with WhatsApp Integration

By Jessica Jacob
27 / 09 / 2023

In today's dynamic landscape, everyone is looking for a hint of personalization, a touch that feels uniquely theirs. With our lives moving at breakneck speed, real-time and hyperlocal suggestions are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Now, consider the young generation in South-East Asia, a vibrant group that's swiftly bidding adieu to traditional SMS and passionately embracing communicators like WhatsApp. It's clear that the winds of change are blowing! So, it's truly exciting to see two trailblazers, Linkyfi - the genius of WiFi marketing, and - the wizard of WhatsApp gateway and complete chat solutions that can change your business for the better, join forces. Their collaboration is more than just a business move; it's an ode to the future, aiming to elevate WhatsApp marketing and fortify OTP codes' role in ensuring impeccable verification. Together, they're capturing the zeitgeist of a digital era in the making.

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Linkyfi and Redefining WiFi Marketing with WhatsApp Integration

Benefits of the Linkyfi and Integration:

  1. Real-time Proximity Marketing: This collaboration allows businesses, especially those in bustling venues like shopping malls and shop chains, to serve hyperlocal ads based on a user's immediate location using WiFi marketing. These timely ads resonate more with the visitor's current context, making marketing feel personal and much more relevant.
  2. Direct Chat: With WhatsApp's integration, visitors can engage in conversations that feel genuine and personal. This enhances trust and fosters a direct connection between businesses and their patrons.
  3. Better Marketing: The dominance of WhatsApp among the young demographic, especially in South-East Asia, opens a golden avenue for businesses. It offers an unparalleled platform to reach out and connect with this audience right where they spend most of their time.
  4. Cost-Effective Communication: WhatsApp provides a more affordable medium than traditional SMS. For commercial establishments keen on optimizing their operational costs while ensuring efficient communication, this is a boon.
  5. Instant Messaging: In bustling commercial venues, time is of the essence. Whether it's sending OTPs or relaying vital alerts, WhatsApp guarantees that messages are received by visitors in the blink of an eye.

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With these benefits in place, commercial venues are not just providing a service; they're crafting an enhanced, streamlined, and highly personalized experience for every individual walking through their doors.

Pioneering Integration

Linkyfi Representative: "In the evolving landscape of retail marketing, staying a step ahead is more important than ever. At Linkyfi, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing clients with versatile and robust solutions. Our focus is on fostering an omnichannel approach, which is why we have integrated essential platforms like WhatsApp directly into our Guest WiFi platform, a strategy that holds significant relevance in the bustling APAC region.

Our collaboration with has been a significant step in this direction. The integration was not only straightforward but also remarkably quick, allowing us to cut our time-to-market down to just a few hours. This partnership has equipped Linkyfi with potent tools such as WhatsApp OTP for bolstered contact data verification, and WhatsApp Blast for crafting advanced programmatic marketing campaigns, including innovative proximity marketing strategies.

Working with has been a truly pleasurable experience. Their forward-thinking approach aligns seamlessly with Linkyfi's vision, creating a synergy that is set to redefine the retail marketing ecosystem. As we forge ahead, I am eager to delve into the myriad opportunities this collaboration presents, setting new benchmarks in the industry and heralding a new era of innovation in WiFi marketing," shared Łukasz Kwiatkowski, Business Unit Director - Linkyfi"

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Carving the Future Together Representative: "We're absolutely thrilled to be joining forces with Linkyfi. They are the best in the business when it comes to crafting guest WiFi software for bustling venues like shopping centers and eateries. We believe that our WhatsApp tools, including the highly effective WhatsApp OTP and WhatsApp Blast messages, are the perfect complement to their stellar offerings. Together, we're brainstorming new avenues to elevate communication and marketing experiences at these popular spots to unparalleled heights.

In South-East Asia, WhatsApp has turned into a marketing powerhouse. We are fully confident that our collaboration with Linkyfi, a leader in their domain, will create waves in the industry. Looking ahead, the potential integration of WhatsApp chatbots paints a future that is not only promising but downright exciting. We can't wait to showcase the remarkable innovations this partnership is set to bring to the forefront," shared Firyal Tharifa, Strategic Partnerships Manager at

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In Conclusion

The technological partnership between Linkyfi and signifies an innovative step forward in the digital realm. Through their combined expertise, they are effectively catering to the demands of commercial venues like shopping malls and shop chains. By leveraging the widespread popularity of WhatsApp, especially among the youth in South-East Asia, and the need for seamless guest WiFi solutions, they aim to redefine the way these establishments communicate and market. It's not just about offering services, but about pioneering a tech-driven, efficient, and contextually relevant experience for patrons.

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