Why UI / UX Design Interaction Must Be the Foundation of Your Software Product

Why UI / UX Design Interaction Must Be the Foundation of Your Software Product

Have you ever heard of UI/UX Design? If not, you should know about it NOW, because it should be something to develop to achieve your user satisfaction. The UX designer does more than just design the user interface. UX design is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it’s not that good. That is the essence of UI UX. Customer needs to experience it right away. If you have to explain it, then it is bad. User interface design is often used synonymously with terms such as user interface design and usability. However, while usability and user interface (UI) design are important aspects of UX design, they are part of it – UX design covers many other areas as well. A UX designer takes over the entire purchasing and product integration process, including aspects of branding, design, usability, and functionality. 

What is User Experience Design

According to Hackernoon, User Experience(UX) Design is the process of creating products that provide users with relevant, significant, and meaningful experience by analyzing their behavior. By behavior analysis, UX Design identifies their motives to crate optimum digital experience. The main goal of UX design is to improve the user experience with devices, applications, and websites, provide them with value, and thus increase overall user satisfaction.

This satisfaction will result in user convenience. This convenience will certainly convey the purpose of making the product to its users. That way, the product will continue to be used and will be increasingly sought after by users. The more the product is searched for, it can be said that the product has successfully answered its intended use. For the designer who makes it, of course, it will give special satisfaction because his work is liked by many people.

BUT, UX Design is not the same as UI Design. Meanwhile, you often meet these terms side by side, UX Design is something that goes beyond UI Design. User experience design is a much broader concept than any other design. In fact, UI design is a subfield of user experience design.

UX design is similar to building design. UI design is like interior decoration.

Both UX and UI are an essential part of building great software products and interacting with one another. However, their roles are significantly different. UX design is more about the analytical and technical aspects deeply rooted in the functionality of a software product, whereas UI design is more about how the application looks.

Why UX Design must be the foundation of your software product

  1. UX saves resources

The effort that goes into UX design can save you the hours (as well as money) your development team would likely spend on product changes and redesigns.

Some research, such as Experience Dynamics research, has proven that UX designer engagement can reduce the time a developer spends reworking software by up to 50%. Additionally, overall development time can be reduced by 33-50% by clearly prioritizing development tasks and improving decision making.

2. UX increases sales

UX design not only lowers costs but also generates profits by increasing sales. The study found that companies investing in UX design were able to increase sales by up to 75%.

3. UX provides a high return on investment.

Getting involved in the UX design provides a pretty impressive return on investment (ROI). The Forrester study found that every dollar spent on UX design resulted in $ 100 in return.

The Forrester report also shows that a focus on user experience encourages customers to pay 14.4% more and increases their desire to recommend your product to others by 16.6%.

4. UX increases customer satisfaction

Given the importance of user experience, your product will be able to fulfill its potential and hit the mark by responding to customer needs. The effort will pay off and you will earn customer loyalty.

UX design should be the one that closes the gaps between people and your product

For what we learned about UX Design, the importance of it should be a tool for you to close the gap between people and your product. Through what we learn about what people thought about our products, we can improve the quality of our products. And therefore, we achieve the goal of reaching the ultimate customer satisfaction.

If you want to improve the UX/UI Design of your existing product, trust in your data. Check how users interact with it. Fix your products and improve it. And finally, use it as the foundation for your software product.

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