Reply Messages to Your Customer from Any Social Messenger

A single dashboard to manage WhatsApp, Twitter, FB Messenger, Telegram, LINE and email to elevate your sales, marketing, and support experience.

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Official WhatsApp Business API

The best solution for your business to reach and communicate with your customers. With Official WhatsApp Business API, you can easily reach your customers easily via WhatsApp from OneTalk dashboard.

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All-in-one Inbox

Equip your agents with the best tools to give your customers a world-class customer engagement experience.

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Generate Business Insight Through Disposition

Create and compile Disposition from every case to help you gain a business insight about what your customers say.

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User Session Synchronisation

Speeding up the workflow by helping your customers to start a conversation with you. Once your customers has logged in and need to get in touch with you, they don’t need to fill their information again.

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"Speeding up the workflow by helping your customers to start a conversation with you. Once your customers has logged in and need to get in touch with you, they don’t need to fill their information again."


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Working Hours & Automated Messages

Let your customers know when your agents are available to chat and respond with automated messages outside of the office hours.



Assign incoming cases to agents based on their departments.


Customer Ratings

Measure the quality of your customer service by allowing your customers to rate their customer service experience.

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About is a Chat SDK and Omnichannel Messaging Platform provider for better sales, marketing, and support that allows businesses to interact directly from various platforms such as websites and applications to provide the best experience to your customers, supported by an interface that can be personalized according to your brand image. provides you with two services PowerTalk, a Chat SDK Provider, and OneTalk, an Omnichannel Messaging Platform.

OneTalk━Best Omnichannel Messaging Platform for Business
OneTalk is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement product from that could integrate multiple messaging platforms for your sales, marketing, and support. OneTalk relieves you from the hassle of answering your customer on multiple platforms because OneTalk provides a faster way to response your customer which can enhance your sales and marketing in the future. Omnichannel is an integrated approach to customer-centered processes in which multiple channel interactions are combined into a single management system. This allows your business to improve customer satisfaction and user experience. Read more

The benefits of omnichannel customer service are the integration of multiple messaging platforms as a way of communicating with users,, it collects way better data collection and analysis, it is time effective and cost-effective, reaches a large number of active customers, and choosing a trusted omnichannel messaging platform will provide you with greater customer support and services.

Do you want to provide your customer with the best customer service experience? OneTalk is here to help you gain insights and avoid the same cases in the future. Disposition feature in OneTalk allows you to study and summarize the context of the conversation of each case that is included in your channel platform. The Disposition feature ensures a company continues to listen and integrate all customer complaints and problems into a constructive idea. OneTalk will help you record the analytics of each case entered in customer service. This conclusion will help you to gain new insights for your business so that cases and problems won’t happen again in the future.

For you who are wondering “How can I use multiple users for WhatsApp login”, OneTalk makes it possible for you to use multiple users for WhatsApp business account. You can Log in to WhatsApp on multiple devices with multiple users. OneTalk provides you with an all-in-one inbox and a single dashboard to provide the best customer support for your business. No more hassle to answer your heaps of WhatsApp messages with extra messages from other messaging platforms. One talk provides an all in one inbox that integrates all messaging platforms in a single dashboard. OneTalk is the key to ease your customer so they can reach you with various messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Line, Email, etc.

Still thinking how to thrive even in times of crisis? OneTalk helps you maintain a positive and professional reaction to this pandemic with the best way of messaging for business. With omnichannel such as OneTalk, you can learn their history, how long your client has been waiting, and what channel they use. Learning your customers’ needs allows you to offer the thing they needed the most—even more so in this time of crisis.

Benefits of integrating omnichannel customer service with the WhatsApp Official Business API
Now, have you used WhatsApp for your business? OneTalk can help you integrate omnichannel customer service with the WhatsApp Business API. Without the complicated process of answering with one WhatsApp user, you can have the benefits of integrating omnichannel customer service with the WhatsApp Official Business API. No need to wonder how to use multiple users for WhatsApp business. You can simply use only one WhatsApp number to increase credibility and customer confidence in your business. With OneTalk, you can log in to your WhatsApp business account with multiple users on multiple devices all at once. Now you can use your WhatsApp Web on multiple devices and answer your customers all at once. OneTalk can Boost agent efficiency with all the integrated messaging platforms. Using an omnichannel service such as OneTalk will give WhatsApp Web access to more devices.

Learn how to use WhatsApp Business accounts with multiple users by using OneTalk. No more customer service stress, now you can manage how to handle client’s complaints with a positive head and be the best customer service with the best omnichannel messaging platform.

Improve the experience of interacting with your customers
If you are looking for an Omnichannel messaging platform for business, OneTalk provides you with improved customer service experience as a social messaging solution. Use WhatsApp, Twitter DM, Facebook, FB Messenger, Telegram, LINE, and email through a single dashboard.

Make your business easier for answering messages from multiple platforms. Answering WhatsApp chat for multiple accounts, log in WhatsApp on multiple devices by using a trusted omnichannel messaging platform. Create and summarize analytics from each and every case with OneTalkand learn how to improve your customer support.

Are you one of those people who are strict with working hours? OneTalk gives you Working hours and Automated Messages features. Which means no need to wonder how to manage your client’s messages during your off-hour, or avoiding working extra hours when it was not the time. These features will keep your clients patient with automated messages that will notice them with your unavailability to answer at the time.

Integrating WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter DM, and many more in a single platform to make it easy for you to engage with customers.

Find the best omnichannel messaging platform for business with the best pricing with OneTalk. Reach higher customer engagement
An easy-to-use, Safe and Secure Messaging Platform for everyone

For those who are looking to use a safe and secure multi-channel messaging platform service, OneTalk also provides you with a secure and robust chat platform. Every message that is sent via our platform and our engine is encrypted, strong enough to handle millions of messages. You don’t need to worry about your business’ confidentiality.

OneTalk is also an easy and fast integration messaging platform, all the chat user interfaces in our library are ready for you to use. This allows you to focus on delivering the best customer sales, marketing, and support to your customers. We also feature flexibility and customizability for your brand’s tone and voice from typefaces, icons, labels, and many more.

Keep your customers’ data and convert them into business insights with OneTalk. OneTalk as a social messaging solution will facilitate the selling transaction for the prospective customer as well as the business owner. Giving an easy way for your customer to make a conversation with you with user session synchronization feature. This feature keeps your customer from rewriting the information they have given to you because it is automatically saved in your system.
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