In-app Chat Framework with The Best User Experience

Integrate our framework with a few line of codes and we do the rest. Sit and enjoy white-labeled chat in your own apps, with a breeze.

We Prepare the User Interface for You

Give your user the best experience possible with our ready-to-use user interface, or you can develop your own interface and make it interact as you like!

Customizable Interface

We know that your brand is important! We prepare our framework to be ready for your customization, color, button, and many things, play it as you like!

Your Own Custom Chat Bubble

Have your own use case for your chat? Be limitless, create your own chat bubble and explore new things with your in-app chat!

TapTalk, In-app Chat SDK framework with the best user experience for Your appTapTalk, We prepare the user interface for Your app
TapTalk, Customizable Chat API interfaceTapTalk, Customizable Chat API interfaceTapTalk, Customizable Chat API interfaceTapTalk, Customizable Chat API interface
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TapTalk, Your own custom chat bubble

Secure and Encrypted Chat

Secure messages using our built-in encryption.

TapTalk Secure and Encrypted Chat

Smart Local Cache Management

We handle the memory management of the apps to give the best experience with a small resources.

TapTalk Smart Local Cache Management

Background Message Delivery

Send message process will handled in background process, images, files, and other message will still send even the apps is in background.

TapTalk Background Message Delivery

Chat Analytics and Dashboard

Built-in analytics that helps keep track of MAU, DAU, and other data.

TapTalk Chat Analytics and Dashboard

From Developers For Developers

We understand you! was built with the developer in mind. We provide you
the best tools to create the best in-app chat for your users.

Android SDK

TAPRoomListViewController *roomListViewController =
[[TapUI sharedInstance] roomListViewController]

UINavigationController *roomListNavigationController =
[[ UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:self.roomListViewController]

self.window.rootViewController = roomListNavigationController
[self.window makeKeyAndVisible]

[[TapUI sharedInstance] activateInAppNotificationInWindow:self.window]
[[TapTalk sharedInstance] setDelegate:self]
[[TapUI sharedInstance] setDelegate:self]
[[TapTalk sharedInstance] initWithAppKeyID:APP_KEY_ID appKeySecret:APP_KEY_SECRET apiURLString:URL_STRING implementationType:TapTalkImplentationTypeUI]

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