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10 Easy Ways to Use Instagram API For Your Business

10 Easy Ways to Use Instagram API For Your Business

By Jessica Jacob
17 / 12 / 2021

Instagram API is the newly founded feature of Instagram to increase customer service quality for businesses. With Instagram API, you can track hashtags, see how your Instagram Business account is performing, collect mention data to measure audience behavior towards your brand, publish Instagram photos on your website, and much more.

Instagram messenger API allows other (third-party) apps to use the Instagram interface for your business. This API makes it easy for business entities to support services on this platform.

10 Easy Ways to Use Instagram API For Your Business

How Instagram Messenger API Could Benefit Your CRM

But what good will it be to your business? The flexibility of Instagram API and the popularity of Instagram itself means it will reach more customers or even potential customers. When you reach wider and better audience, your CRM will automatically improve as well. 

There are more benefits of Instagram Messenger API, such as:

  1. Businesses will be able to respond to customer 24/7 with Instagram chatbots. 
  2. Increase customer loyalty with personalized messages or responses, either through agents or Instagram bots.
  3. Save money compared to having to hire multiple teams to do sales reports and analysis on Instagram Shop and conversations.
  4. Make it easy for customers to shop directly from the Instagram Shop platform.
  5. Integration with the Omnichannel solution so you can answer customer messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Line, Telegram, and Email in one dashboard or view.
  6. Integration with CRM applications to manage and monitor sales from your Instagram online store.
  7. Security is guaranteed with an end-to-end encryption system ensuring that all conversations can only be accessed by businesses and interacting customers.

With that being said, now it is time for you to branch out your customer service to Instagram. Now, we will discuss 10 ways to use Instagram API for your business.

How To Use Instagram API To Enhance Your Customer Service

1. Automate Support

Instagram API lets you automate customer support. You can reply to comments or reply to DMs without even logging in into the app. What's more, you can automate the entire process so you can respond to your customers quickly and accurately.

Integrating the Instagram Messaging API with the conversational AI platform allows you to respond to up to 80% of customer inquiries via the Instagram chatbot. If the question is complicated, the bot forwards the chat to the live agent. The agent sees the context and the user doesn't have to repeat the question. A win-win situation for everyone!

This allows businesses to respond quickly to customers around the clock. It also saves agents time, so brands can see increased agent productivity and reduced operating costs.

2. Schedule a post in your account

Instagram business account users can schedule posts, view posts they have tagged, and view other business profiles.

Content publishing API allows brands to schedule and publish single photo or video posts to their Instagram feed. This feature is limited to 25 posts per 24 hours per business account, but it's still probably one of the best.

3. Track Performance

Instagram API allows you to get information about how your post is performing, where it can be improved, and where it can be improved. And that's not just your performance, but the general market. The Instagram API allows you to retrieve information about your followers' demographics, hashtag data, and mentions.

You can use this data to get better ideas for marketing your products and services. If you see a negative pattern, you can use this information to educate users about the pattern and improve their experience.

4. Re-engage with customers

Instagram Messaging API allows you to send messages to users who have previously interacted with your business account. You can share updates on new product/service launches, event invitations, notifications of upcoming sales/offers, and more.

For a better customer experience, brands can use this feature to notify users in advance of upcoming downtime or to alert users to common bugs reported by multiple people.

5. Use of data for social proof

Hashtags occupy an important place in the Instagram community. Consumers and creators tag their posts with brands and add brand names or brand-specific hashtags.

Instagram API can track mentions, find the performance of specific hashtags, and pull images from specific hashtags. The information could be the engagement rate of a post or the number of followers. You can then share this information (or an image depending on the photo you took) and post it on your Instagram page (as a post or story) or website and use it as a social proof.

You can also use it to get similar data about your competitors (as long as you have a business account). You can then perform competitor analysis and improve your marketing plan.

6. Extend your reach with the Instagram API

Instagram influencers are all the rage these days. They have a lot of followers because they communicate with them in creative and innovative ways. These users can ultimately help you increase your follower count by revealing your business profile.

7. Identify trends to build campaigns

It's important to understand trends before starting a new campaign. For example, if you are targeting a new territory, you want to know what people in that area are talking about. 

The Graph API can retrieve the most popular content from a given region, age group, gender, and more. It lets you identify trends and create campaigns around them to increase engagement.

8. Connect with more people with live feed

Yes, Instagram API allows you to show your events live. This kind of activity will help you build awareness and connect with your audience.

It allows you to automatically and instantly repost guest images or videos in real time. You can create live feeds from this medium and encourage more people to get involved.

9. Improve your shopping experience

The launch of Instagram Messaging API enables brands to improve their customers' shopping experience. Features like Quick Reply, Ice Breakers, and Product Templates help you share more information with your customers and automate the process of answering questions. This increases your CSAT and significantly reduces train dropout.

10. Review comments

The Instagram Graphics API gives business accounts the ability to review comments on profiles. Brands can enable/disable comments on posts, hide or show comments, delete comments, seek replies to comments, and respond to comments. All this is possible without logging into the application.


All in all, with all the ways you can use Instagram API for your business, it will be such a shame if you don’t use it right now. Don’t miss the trend and get left behind. Collaborate with OneTalk to use Instagram DM API for your business.

P.S. You can also integrate much much more messaging platform with your Instagram API for your customer support, only in a Single Dashboard! Click here to find out more.

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