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Chat-commerce, the Future of Commerce

By Dominic Vedericho
27 / 09 / 2019

Some people call it chat-commerce, some may call it conversational commerce. The true meaning of it is, commerce that is based on the digital conversational platform between sellers and customers. This changes everything. Especially in a society where there is little trust between customer and seller, now we are able to interact when shopping online.

Many people can’t differentiate the difference between chat-commerce and regular e-commerce. Like what we already covered in the last paragraph; the main difference is that instead of customer buying on a platform and communicate with the vendors for support or complaints, chat-commerce includes all the personal communication that occurs between customers and sellers before, during, and after making sale transactions.


Chat-commerce also follows the trend development of the chat application. For instance, if we refer to the data that happen in Indonesia we can see how huge the potential is for the current chat industry and chat-commerce. Based on APJII (Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia), communication through message is the number one reason people use the internet. Chat application also is being used by 60 million small medium enterprises to sell their products, according to an article by Chris Franke.

Survey Result from Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia

According to the data above, communication is exceptionally and undoubtedly important in the industry of commerce. Data above also shows that in the future, chat-commerce is guaranteed to accommodate and smoothen communication between customers and sellers. team knows this for a fact and our mission is to help all e-commerce to implement chat features in their application or website with little investment and simple integration.

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