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How to Use Instagram Auto Responder and Why You Need It

How to Use Instagram Auto Responder and Why You Need It

By Jessica Jacob
16 / 03 / 2023

Even though you can't be online all the time, you can still reply to direct messages at any time. To respond quickly to customers, many people—from brands and online businesses to creators and influencers—rely on a personalized auto-response.

No matter when someone contacts you, auto-replies are a great way to make them feel seen and heard.

Therefore, keep reading for quick and simple instructions on how to set up an Instagram auto-responder if you have too many DMs and not enough time to respond.

How to Use Instagram Auto Responder and Why You Need It

Key Takeaway

  • Instagram auto responders are pre-formatted responses that you create and then paste into a direct message to avoid typing the same response to multiple recipients. 
  • Instagram auto responders are divided into two categories, namely instant replies and away messages.
  • There are three ways to set up an Instagram autoresponder, which are by using Meta Business Suite, Instagram App, and third-party help.
  • You can use Instagram auto-reply to ensure client satisfaction, work effectively, maintain brand tone while lowering work costs, and many more.
  • Businesses can make use of Instagram's Auto Replies feature to answer common questions, provide customer service, and maintain community engagement.

What Is an Auto Responder on Instagram?

To avoid typing the same response to multiple recipients, auto-replies are pre-formatted responses that you create and then paste into a direct message. Businesses and marketers will find it extremely beneficial and effective.

Instagram auto-reply benefits brands by making it possible for them to be contacted whenever a customer has a question or requests more information about the goods and services. Auto replies are extremely useful, especially when you are offline.

When someone messages you on Instagram, an automated response is sent back. Welcome and FAQ responses are two of the most utilized auto replies by companies to improve customer experience.

Instagram's auto-reply falls into two categories:  

  • An instant reply that allows you to respond immediately to someone's first direct message to you. For starters, you could thank them for their message and send them some content links. (In no more than 500 characters.) Consider it a welcome email sent to someone who has subscribed to your email list. 
  • When you are not online and unable to respond, leave an away message. You can activate it manually or on a timer. (e.g., outside your business hours.) It does replace instant replies, so remember to turn it off when you're online.

Why Is It Important to Use Auto Responder on Instagram?

If you run an Instagram business account, you've probably sent many of the same messages to clients. Because, while each person on the planet is unique in their way, they all share many common questions.

The following are the benefits of Instagram Auto reply:

  • Ensure client satisfaction
  • Work effectively
  • Maintain brand tone while lowering work costs
  • Respond to customers in different time zones
  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Create a long-term relationship with your customers

Ways Businesses Can Make Use of Instagram's Auto Replies Feature

Instagram auto-replies are the ideal feature for businesses looking to be more efficient with their DMs, whether you want to save time or improve communication with your followers.

Here are four ways businesses can make use of Instagram's Auto Replies feature:

1. Answer Common Questions With Instagram Saved Replies

Do your Instagram followers ask you the same question all the time? Maybe it's whether a specific product is in stock or if you ship to a specific location?

If you frequently find yourself typing out the same response, Instagram's Auto Replies feature can come in handy! Simply create a list of pre-written responses to some of the more common questions that come your way, and then assign them relevant keyword shortcuts.

2. Instagram Auto Replies Can be Used for Instagram Giveaways.

Are you running an Instagram giveaway? You can probably expect a flood of DMs inquiring about when the draw will take place, who can enter, and other details.

By creating a quick response for your giveaway, you can save a lot of time responding to your more inquisitive followers. 

For instance, you could create a quick response that outlines all of the rules and details of your giveaway, and when someone inquires about it, simply add it to your message by typing your shortcut and tapping the Auto Replies button.

3. Use Instagram Auto Replies to Provide Customer Service.

Instagram is fantastic for generating leads and driving sales, but it's also fantastic for social media customer service!

Use the Auto Replies feature for common inquiries if you're using or planning to use Instagram to respond to customer support questions.

4. Maintain Community Engagement With Instagram Saved Replies

Responding to DMs on Instagram Direct isn't just about being courteous; it's also about growing your business!

Responding to a DM may seem insignificant to you, but it can mean a lot to your followers! And there is no better way to connect with your audience than to actively engage with them.

Having said that, it's a good idea to prepare quick responses for some of the more common DMs you receive. For example, if you get a lot of people DMing you to complement your posts, writing a quick thank you message can save you a lot of time.

Remember that quick replies are intended to help you be more efficient when responding to general questions or comments — but you must still tailor your responses to each individual! Otherwise, you may appear cold or insincere.

How to Set Up Instagram Auto Responder

How to Set Up Instagram Auto Responder

Are you ready to start automatically responding to people who DM your business’s Instagram account? Here's how to set up Instagram auto-replies. 

Businesses can use one of these methods to ensure that customers who message them on Instagram receive prompt responses.

Option 1: Use Meta Auto-Reply (formerly Facebook Business Manager) 

Facebook has become Meta, as has the Meta Business Suite. You must be the page administrator or have another role that grants you access to set up an auto-reply in Meta

However, Meta Business Suite's automated messaging features are limited to instant replies and away messages

To enable Instagram auto-reply, first, connect your Instagram Business account to Meta Business Suite. Once connected, you can configure instant replies and away messages.

Remember, only Instagram users with a business account can link their profile to Meta Business Suite, which powers autoresponders on both Instagram and Facebook. So, if you haven't done so already, create a business Instagram account first.

After that, you can follow the steps below.

Instagram Auto Reply: Instant Reply

  1. Navigate to Meta Business Suite Inbox and select Automation.
  2. Go to Instant Reply and enable the toggle.
  3. Check the box next to Instagram.
  4. Type your auto-reply message and, if desired, click the Sparkles icon to personalize your Instagram auto-responder instant reply.
  5. To publish your auto-replies, click Save Changes.

Click Preview in Messenger if you want to test the message before saving it. 

Instagram Auto Reply: Away Message

  1. Navigate to Meta Business Suite Inbox and select Automation.
  2. Go to Away Message, check the Instagram box, and then click +Add Time to schedule your time away.
  3. Establish your away hours.
  4. Type your away message and then click +Add Customer's Name to personalize it.
  5. Click the Save button. When customers message you outside of business hours, your away message will be sent.

Option 2: Use the Instagram Mobile App

You can use the IG app's FAQ feature to create an automated response on the platform. It is by far the simplest, quickest, and least expensive method. You can easily set up an auto-reply in less than five minutes, regardless of your level of experience with IG.

At any time, you can add, delete, or edit your Instagram Direct frequently asked questions and automated responses. When people try to message your account via Instagram Direct, these questions will be displayed.

To answer frequently asked questions on Instagram Direct, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Messenger icon in the top right corner of the screen from the Instagram home screen.
  2. Tap Get Started under Set Up Automated Responses.
  3. To enable automated responses, toggle the toggle next to Show Questions.
  4. Tap Add Question under Questions.
  • You'll be asked to enter a Question and an optional Automated Response for each question. When you're finished, click Save.

You have the option of answering up to four frequently asked questions. Tap on a question to edit it, then change the question and automated response and save.

Option 3: Use a Third-Party like OneTalk

Many third-party platforms claim to be able to set up an Instagram auto-reply on your behalf. These companies include omnichannel provider OneTalk.

You can use OneTalk Quick Reply to create a template to provide correct answers to repetitive Instagram DM questions.

You can also reply to comments or DMs without logging into the app by integrating the Instagram DM API with OneTalk. 

When you integrate the Instagram Messaging API with the conversational AI platform, you can use the Instagram chatbot to respond to up to 80% of customer inquiries. If the question is complex, the bot forwards the conversation to a live agent. Because the agent is aware of the context, the user is not required to repeat the question. Everyone benefits from this situation!

This enables businesses to respond to customers quickly and efficiently around the clock. It also saves agents time, allowing brands to benefit from increased agent productivity and lower operational costs.

Also read: 10 Easy Ways to Use Instagram API For Your Business

Optimize Your Instagram Customer Service With

It makes no difference how many followers you have—the Instagram auto-reply tool is an excellent way to express gratitude to Instagram users who DM your account, recognize their questions, and provide an estimated timeframe for a response. When your DMs become too much to handle, it may be time to upgrade the experience you provide to customers. 

With OneTalk by Auto-Reply and FAQ Chatbot you can provide your Instagram followers with the personalized customer experience they deserve. Not only will they receive real-time responses that are relevant to their query, but you will also be able to collect valuable customer data for retargeting. It's the most effective way to ensure Instagram becomes a top sales channel for your company.

OneTalk offers a variety of useful features to improve the quality of business with a DM API that can be integrated with OneTalk All-in-One Inbox to make it easier for you.

You can increase the level of familiarity with customers through Customer Ongoing and Case History to find out what interactions have been made with customers. Knowing past interactions allows you to tailor your response and customers will feel more valued. A brand can analyze customer behavior through this feature, also find out how long they have been waiting, what channels they use, and much more,

The potential of DMs for your social media marketing brand can impact sales, marketing, and support. Interaction with customers is one of the things that can ensure the success of your marketing efforts. To optimize your communication channels with customers, you can contact our agents here.

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