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How Omnichannel Boost Social Media Customer Service

How Omnichannel Boost Social Media Customer Service

By Jessica Jacob
04 / 02 / 2022

Most of us probably have more than one social media right? As technology improves, so does our willingness to incorporate social media into our daily lives. We want to be more exposed to information and connect with companies in a variety of ways. So, having just one social media account is no longer sufficient.

And if we look at it from the business perspective, the company also needs to have an account on many social media platforms. 

Customers are more demanding these days, and they want a quick answer to their problems.  By owning multiple social media, companies will be able to respond to the customer's concerns faster.

How Omnichannel Boost Social Media Customer Service
omnichannel Boost Social Media

The Importance of Fast Response

Do you know why a fast response is important? Simply said, a brand's image and reputation take years to establish and it can be destroyed in an instant by unsatisfied customers through social media. 

For example, someone complained about your product via Instagram comments or DM. And, maybe you didn’t see it for a few days. The customer might feel neglected, upset, or angry. After that, they started to share their concern about your product in a more public space, like sending multiple comments in different posts. Now, everyone will know about your product’s flaws and your slow customer service. Things like this could easily be avoided if you’re fast in responding to customers.

But, doing so is not easy. There’s a lot of social media to manage, and you need to open each app to monitor it one by one. A very tiring cycle and you’ll also need more employees.

Well, you don't have to worry about all these problems, because omnichannel can solve them. Integrating all your social media into one channel can help you monitor the customer better. You can receive and reply to many messages or dm from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc without opening each app one by one.

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How Omnichannel Boost Social Media Customer Service

1. Omnichannel Give More Options for Customers to Interact 

Customers feel that they should be able to interact with a company via the channel of their choice, at their leisure.

Some questions may necessitate the disclosure of personal information, which may be unsettling. This type of conversation can be transferred to Messenger, Twitter inbox, or Instagram DMs, allowing the consumer to stay on their preferred channel.

Through omnichannel you can broaden the area of client involvement and ensure a smooth movement of communication between multiple channels.

2. Helps The Brand in Reaching to a Broader Audience

You're missing out on opportunities to communicate with existing and future consumers if you confine yourself to a few platforms and channels. Not responding to your clients on social media may soon lead to loss.

According to statistics, 72 percent of millennials are more inclined to pick a brand that answers client questions and criticism on social media platforms. Because of the flexibility of use, faster replies, and the availability of honest evaluations, social media is increasingly becoming one of the go-to communication platforms for expressing demands.

It's critical to provide an omnichannel customer experience so that your consumers have more interaction choices than just the traditional channels.

3. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

The goal of omnichannel service is to make consumers' life simpler from beginning to end, removing any friction they may encounter when interacting with a company. 

This, in turn, improves consumer satisfaction. You're creating a complete ecosystem for your consumers to live and connect with your brand at their leisure by decreasing customer effort, reliance, and time across all platform engagements.


It's also critical to have a consistent message and brand voice across all social media channels. To achieve this successfully, your response teams must be prepared to respond to any client queries, complaints, and compliments.

An omnichannel messaging platform can seamlessly integrate all your communication channels, allowing your agent and customers to collaborate seamlessly. It's a method that's becoming increasingly popular.

If you want a safe and comprehensive omnichannel platform, OneTalk is the best solution. Every communication delivered over our platform is encrypted and it can also handle millions of messages. You don't have to be concerned about your company's privacy as well.

OneTalk by also provides many features that you can use to build the best customer service for your brand. Such as All-in-One Inbox, Disposition to get business insights from your customers, Assignment Rules, Case Detail, Working Hour and Automatic Messaging, and many more. 

With OneTalk you can integrate WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, LINE, Email, and others into one inbox.

All these features surely can make customer support easy. OneTalk also offers an omnichannel messaging platform at the best prices. So, what are you waiting for? Our agents are ready if you want to know more about the omnichannel messaging platform. You can simply contact us here.

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