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PROS AND CONS: The Reactive vs Proactive Customer Support

By Ardian
04 / 08 / 2020

The basic character of the customer is stating and reacting to a product and service they need determines the success of the transaction. This just one of the considerations of the businessmen when serving their customers. The classification of the customer character can be divided into two parts which are reactive customers and proactive customers. Both kinds will give feedback for the products and services they need and the feedback can be positive or negative or both!

Reactive customers tend to be responsive or react immediately to something that comes up. This kind of customer does not fully understand their responsibility and likes to blame others such as customer service or even your product. Usually, the reactive customers are easily affected and moved by their physical environments, feelings, and past. Meanwhile, the proactive customers have the opposite nature. This kind of customer often take positive actions and are initiatives. Proactive customers are more likely to take responsibility for their actions and decisions in responding to everything happening in their life.

In business, the existence of both customers has its own advantages. Usually, reactive customer has the ability of Word of Mouth (WOM) in spreading your products to their network. They can also make your product go viral and are talked by many circles due to their ability in influencing others. One of the things that you have to pay attention to serving this customer is to make sure that your product has the value above their expectation. So, they will tell themselves how excellent your product is to the others.

Having the proactive customers will help you improve your service quality. You can ask their feedbacks to know what needs to be improved. Proactive customers will give positive feedback and constructive suggestions for your business. They are the loyal customers and they have considered why they have to buy your product. If you can keep the quality of your products and services, they will keep purchasing your product over and over again. Proactive and reactive customers are the kind of customers that you have to keep for the sake of your business continuity. They have an excellent impact and benefits if you can take advantage of their strengths.

Business owners have to try to get the support from the reactive and proactive customers by using the Omnichannel customer service. This platform will help the businessmen to get the expected support from the customer. To get positive support from both parties, the business owners have to give an accurate answer to every customer’s question. Sometimes, the accuracy of the answer is not enough, the answer must come in the right time where the customer needs it. How to handle this?

Reactive customers tend to quickly react to what they like or they don’t in a product or service. The reactive customer makes the decision shortly. Usually, this kind of customer will follow or be affected by whatever happens around him. The opposite thing happens to proactive customer. Proactive customers will need some time to make a decision. This customer will make the decision consciously by using rational analysis. To attract both kinds of customers to a successful transaction, companies will need special agents to handle them. The business owners will need some time and effort to handle those matters. The efficiency has to be created to reduce the case that has to be solved by an agent. This can be materialized by making a product tour and FAQs on the company’s website. The product tour and FAQs will give some description, information, and data of the product that the customer demands generally. The reactive and proactive customer can use the product tour and FAQs as a reference to make the decision. Thus, the agent will only answer the special questions that are not stated in the product tours and FAQs. This will wase the agents’ task.

The diverse character of the customers must be learned. Some customers often feel not satisfied with what is stated in the description, data, and information on the website. An agent has to read and learn customer’s behavior by observing customers’ feedback. To handle this kind of customer, an agent has to be able to give a pleasant experience for customer’s satisfaction. To learn the customer’s behavior, companies through their agents can access the disposition feature in OneTalk platform. This feature will help the agent to summarize the coming feedback of the case. Thus, the agents can get the knowledge about the customer’s behavior. This will help the agents to predict the customer’s interest and desire for the next transaction.

Omnichannel customer service is a platform that will give a pleasant experience to the customer during the transaction. This platform will equip the agent with the best tools such as All-in-One Inbox. In this tool, the customer only needs to explore one interface to know the description, data, and information of the product they are interested in. To enjoy the efficiency of the ease of service that the customer will get, the businessmen just need to try OneTalk by This platform will be the sales, marketing, and support for the businesses.

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