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Here's The Best Questions To Qualify Leads!

Here's The Best Questions To Qualify Leads!

By Jessica Jacob
02 / 06 / 2022

Knowing the difference between a lead and a prospective leader is one of the most difficult tasks for salespeople. Not everyone you speak with will be a good match for your product or service, and successful salespeople should be able to identify these folks early on.

When making the exploratory call, you must choose between two options: continue the relationship or break it off completely. You may be spending time with someone who will never buy from you if you don't qualify your potential consumers before moving on.

67% of lost sales are due to salespeople not properly qualifying their prospects before interacting with them. The consequences of not having a lead orientation plan have a direct impact on the sales pipeline, which means you can't skip this step.

Here's The Best Questions To Qualify Leads!

How do you know if a prospect is eligible or not?

Usually, you can't judge this from the first interaction with a potential client. To qualify a lead, you must first know how to qualify leads and key questions to qualify leads.

Knowing how to qualify leads

Because lead qualification is at the heart of the sales process and affects its performance, it's vital to grasp the practice's essence and remember its advantages.

What is the definition of lead qualification?

Lead qualification is a method of assessing the possibility that a lead will become a paying client in the future.

What measures should a follow-up approach contain to sound more convincing to this particular individual? After you've properly qualified your leads, you may answer this and additional questions.

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Key Questions To Qualify Leads

Key Questions To Qualify Leads

Regardless of which main qualification framework you choose, you will see that there are similar factors involved in all of them, namely:

  • Does the company match your buyer persona;
  • Are there any special needs your company can meet?
  • Whether your contact is the decision maker.

A qualified leader must have a nagging pain point that prevents them from achieving his goals. Therefore, you need to ask the leader to describe the challenge he is facing first.

Next, it is important to determine what is preventing them from solving the problem. Is this a budget? Or maybe they are frustrated with the solutions they implemented earlier?

In large companies and organizations, the decision-making process can take months or even years. To prioritize opportunities, ask about the timeline for the procurement process in their organization.

NEED: Is there a need for my service?

When you initially contact a prospect, you need to figure out how interested they are in your services: are they in denial about the problems they're having, have they already devised a strategy to tackle their problems, or are they actively looking for someone like you?

Here are some examples of the first eleven qualifying questions that may be useful at this point.

  1. It looks like you're trying to implement [company’s need]. Is that correct?
  2. I want to know what you think [company’s need]. Does this seem related?
  3. Have you ever thought about doing [your offer]?
  4. I have an idea for [company’s need].
  5. In terms of [company needs], do you have the bandwidth to try out [your offer]?
  6. Do you have an in-house team or work with other suppliers to fulfill [company’s need]?
  7. You say you're not currently looking for a solution to [company’s need], so why not?
  8. What does your current sale look like?
  9. What industries are you targeting: is it narrow or can we expand?
  10. What are your top priorities now?
  11. What is your main challenge now?

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OPPORTUNITY: What advantages would my solution provide you with?

By asking the right qualifying questions to prospects, you can guide them to find answers to their needs and realize the window of opportunity that it presents. Here are the best sales qualifying questions to help you achieve them:

  1. With the current [company’s needs] solution you mentioned, are you fully satisfied?
  2. What business problem do you want to solve with [your offer]?
  3. How do you plan to fulfill [company’s needs]? What about the [solution] that was achieved through [your offer]?
  4. Interested in discussing how you can [company needs] through [your offer] help?
  5. Would you like to briefly explore an extremely affordable supplement for your team to assist you with [company’s needs] through your [offer]?
  6. How urgent is your need in [company’s needs]?
  7. What are the outcomes of [solutions provided to enterprise needs]? What happens if you decide to pursue [your offer]?
  8. What value will [your offer] bring to your company?

TEAM: Who will be affected by the implementation of my solution?

Before pushing prospects down the sales funnel, you need to make sure you're talking to the right people who will ultimately make decisions about your offer. To find out if the lead is the decision maker, ask the following lead qualification question:

  1.  What is your role in the company's decision-making process?
  2.  What is your job title?
  3.  Are you a team member who has the final say on [company’s needs]?
  4.  Since you're not a decision maker, can we add someone from your team to see a complete picture of your current situation concerning [company’s needs]?

IMPACT: What is the impact of our collaboration?

If this is your first time collaborating with your company, potential customers may have wrong expectations about their results. Be sure to discuss all the details, leaving no room for misunderstanding between you and your potential client.

  1. Here's what your lead's current qualifying questions look like:
  2. What are your expectations from this collaboration?
  3. When do you expect to see the first results of our collaboration?
  4. What will happen if [your offer] is successful?
  5. Why did you decide to go to [your offer]?
  6. What results will satisfy you in a month/quarter/year of our cooperation?
  7. Which result is necessary and which is better?
  8. What will happen if [company's needs] are not resolved?

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Make The Best Out Of Lead Qualifying Questions With

If you have mastered all these questions for your customer, it’s time to implement this onto your leads. Using integrated messaging solutions like OneTalk by can make all the processes seamless. With a Single Dashboard and Broadcast Message, qualifying leads is now easier than ever! Contact us to know more about our services. We can’t wait to be a part of your journey.

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