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Five-Step Approach To Maintain Your Business Reputation

Five-Step Approach To Maintain Your Business Reputation

By Jessica Jacob
04 / 01 / 2022

In today's digital world, a company's brand, products, and business reputation are always at risk and can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. When people hear a brand name, they often form a lightning-quick association with what the organization has done in the past. The internet is the catalyst for high-speed connections for reputable companies. While giving companies new ways to communicate, it has also created a new place for criticism and negative feedback. The complex interconnections between people, brands, and messages are worth exploring.

A five-step approach to maintaining a good business reputation

Five-Step Approach To Maintain Your Business Reputation

No one wants to see an individual or group publicly decline to engage in business because of their reputation. It's rare, but smaller problems do happen quite often. It is important for leaders to learn common techniques and approaches to avoid these blemishes, such as the following concepts optimized for the internet age.

1. Be available to the general public.

A leader's actions are usually combined with the actions of the company. Being in the spotlight, committed to change, publicly available, and accountable is an important priority in today's highly transparent business era.

Many CEOs don't seem to realize the importance of social media to promote and protect their brand. According to Forbes' Ryan Erskine, a recent survey found that only 40% of Fortune 500 CEOs are active on social media and less than 12% use one or more social media accounts on a regular basis. Erskine explains this is a missed opportunity because CEOs are uniquely positioned to demonstrate the transparency consumers demand today by giving them a reason for making business decisions, giving a glimpse into a company's internal operations, or by sharing their thoughts on industry trends.

2. Project the image consistently.

The public face of modern organizations is based on multiple channels. Getting all the relevant information to form one harmonious picture instead of sending complex mixed messages is essential for any business looking to capitalize on its reputation. 

Leaders can ignore the need to create a target image instead of assuming that everyone agrees on the ideal public face of the business. This approach risks responding to crises with decentralized public statements where individuals or social media channels bring their messages to life.

3. Pay close attention to what works.

Every company is unique, but building a business reputation management strategy based on the efforts of others is a worthwhile exercise. This means using reputation tracking software to determine which companies are considered the most trusted brands in your field, and then using the concepts that work.

Onibalusi points to a suggestion made by YBus CEO Fernando Azevedo. He identified some of the most common characteristics shared by popular companies today. For example, the company really cares about its customers, demonstrates ethics, and cares about quality. Businesses can express these traits through a variety of channels, both traditional and modern, but social media is definitely one of the most direct options. Azevedo in particular shows how JetBlue is now expressing itself online, delighting customers and building a solid reputation. But JetBlue is a tough lesson to learn from having to endure a self-promotion nightmare during a winter storm that left many airlines stranded and the company's founder ousted as CEO.

4. Deeply commit to positive action.

It's relatively easy to say the right things. Businesses may claim to be committed for customer satisfaction, improving the environment, or many other goals, but convincing today's informed audience to believe that these motives require deeper and more consistent work. Environmental Leader Jennifer Hermes said 40% of those surveyed for the 2017 Harris Poll Reputation Index believe companies are committed to responsible policies because they make them look good, not because they really matter.

The culture of doubt among the shopping crowd presents a challenge for businesses that build reputations. Talking about the good and goodwill of the organization is not enough without action to support the effort. Business reputation management is not just a matter of communication. Talking is important, of course, but that's not the end in itself. Effective communication reflects something fundamental about the organization.

5. Be wherever your customer possibly be

Be there for them in every channel they possibly might be. Social media, messenger apps, emails, etc, you name it. Provide communication on all platforms. It seems like a hassle? No need to worry about such things. Use OneTalk by as an omnichannel messaging solution. Integrate all your communication platforms so your customer can reach you everywhere without you having to switch between tabs. 

Doing this will boost your customer support, and in turn, your brand reputation. This strategy will appease your customer’s need and minimize efforts on your end. 

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Learning the way today's companies present themselves, with all of their public relations, marketing, and management practices tied to that knowledge is important to strive in the industry. Individuals who take the time to learn from the examples of today's corporate leaders can discover the conditions that animate the market now and in the future.

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