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The first Indonesian complete Chat SDK

By Ardian
04 / 09 / 2019 provides a complete SDK (Software Development Kit) chat platform solution for mobile apps and websites. Team

Jakarta, 1 September 2019 - introduces their chat software development kit (SDK) and chat engine service that makes it easy for developers to add chat features to mobile apps and websites. became the first Indonesian company to provide a white-label chat SDK, complete with an interface (PowerTalk).

“The most fundamental aspect of human life is the ability to communicate, and the presence of communication is very important for every aspect of it, even in the digital world. We are sure that PowerTalk has greatly helped developers develop communication systems in their mobile or web applications." explained Ritchie Nathaniel, CEO of

Mobile apps and websites have been developed with chat features. It is not easy to integrate chat into an application or website. This takes time and costs for developers. comes with full service. Their chat engine provided helps companies not have to set up and maintain their own servers, while the chat SDK helps developers integrate it into the mobile app.

"There is no company in Indonesia that offers a complete SDK and engine with an interface. The interface can be customized according to the user's wishes. "

The team confirms that their chat SDK can be easily integrated. Solutions for communication protocols at the front end, local cache management, and also integration between the framework and the user interface have been prepared. If the developer already has its own user interface, PowerTalk provides a core library to be integrated.

At present, the white-label chat SDK that is generally used by technology companies in Indonesia does not provide an interface. Proudly the first chat SDK made in Indonesia, PowerTalk believes it can help develop the technology industry more rapidly by offering services that are more affordable and customizable.

About is a startup company founded by young entrepreneurs, Ritchie Nathaniel and the team. We understand that communication is very important because human culture can never be separated from communication, as technology and the digital world develops, new media for communication are born, to accommodate these developments, we created

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