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The Proper Way to Send an Email! Your Step-by-step Guide to Increase Email Deliverability and Open Rates

By Ardian
02 / 09 / 2020

Companies use email as other ways to connect with their customers. They could send information regarding new products, promotions, and others to their customer by using monthly newsletter blasts. Newsletter blast is a process of sending details and product-focused content to a subscriber list which includes existing and potential customers via an emailed letter.

The newsletters contain a variety of items not linked solely to shopping. In a given topic of a newsletter, businesses might include anything from business news to fascinating facts and "how-to" articles. Since customers have already shown that they are interested in receiving the newsletter, businesses should produce more valuable content that they know will engage their base.

However, customers can unsubscribe your newsletter if they find it annoying and disturbing. You don’t want customers to miss out on any exciting news from us. To solve this problem, you need to create good newsletter strategies. 

Here are some tips to create a successful newsletter that your customer wants to read

  1. Grab the Reader with the Headline or Subject

People receive many newsletters every day. You have to make sure that your subscriber wants to read the newsletter you send. Try using a special, innovative subject line for any email you send. Your subject will tell your reader what they are going to read, and do not use deception to trick them into opening an email. The general rule of thumb is to have about 50 characters or fewer on the subject line. Avoid using words like “Free”, “limited time” and don’t use all caps on your subject. You don’t want to scream at your customer. 

  1. Provide Content Worth Reading

Of course, you want to put adverts on your newsletter. But make sure to put something else to keep your readers interested. You could provide tips and advice articles, or news regarding your company. There are the key things that your subscriber may be interested in.

  1. Establish Trust

You need to be consistent with the newsletter so your subscriber knows what to expect when the open and read it. Make sure your subscribers don't feel fooled because your subject line has little similarity to the newsletter material. Don’t forget to send them regularly so your customer didn’t forget about you.

  1. Keep It Short and Simple

Ensure people can quickly and conveniently get the information they need from your newsletter. Also, don't use too much detail and too many separate papers to fill your newsletters. Even though you've been dreaming about loads of posts for your first newsletter, you don't even have to bring them all in.

  1. Write for Your Audience

You are an expert in your profession, and perhaps your subscribers are not. That means you have to describe it in terms that most people will understand and clarify any words, abbreviations, and acronyms in the industry. We all get used to our terms of business and we still forget that others don't understand them immediately too. So be careful and proofread your newsletters in pursuit of some supposed interpretation, and better clarify it.

The most convenient way to ensure your email has been sent (and read afterward) is by using "read receipts." Many webmail clients have an email monitoring option these days. You may choose to be informed when a recipient has either received or read your message before sending your message. 

Nowadays, a variety of email monitoring tools is available, enabling sales teams to have more power as well as access to useful data. One of them is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

Email monitoring tools have become a crucial part of reaching prospects and customers — old and new — at every scale. And the use of CRM with email monitoring capability has become more relevant for organizations to meet their customers at the right time and in the right sense.

Email monitoring is the ability to control the status of emails you deliver, to boost visibility and company with your customer. Through using an email monitoring app, you'll be able to receive real-time email updates for each email case. It also helps you monitor your high-funnel email measurements on an ongoing basis as email opens and click-through speeds, so you can make better business decisions.

Monitoring emails lets you directly communicate with your customers and prospects by letting you see when your emails are sent and opened. When you open your prospects and click on the link in your newsletters, you know when they actively interact with your company. You will also see how many times your emails are opened, and watch the links they clicked on. This helps you to recognize your future clients so that you can contact them at the right time or deliver the next follow-up note, and improve your chance of attracting their company significantly.

You can use CRM software such as Keap, Zoho, Hubspot, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign, and many others, you can easily find CRM software on the internet.

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