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Tips And Tricks To Clever And Efficient Marketing And Sales Campaigns

By Ardian
14 / 08 / 2020

How to get customers to be interested in your products and/or services? The first thing that must be done is to introduce the product and service. Through marketing and sales campaign, the customer will know the definition and characteristics of the product and service offered. This will bring up the customer’s awareness to use the product and/or the service. The awareness of using the product and service will turn to a part of fulfilling customer’s needs. Below are some tips to create an effective and right on target sales campaign for your product. What are those?

  • Creative Challenge

You can design a challenge or creative contest that is related to your product. Creative challenges can have a snowball effect since people will talk about your product and/or service. You have to create content that can assure them to join the contest. The audience can respond to your creative challenge quickly and increase the traffic of your content.

  • Emotional Storytelling

You can create content that tells an emotional story. This is proven to be more effective in catching the audience’s attention. Your content must each have unique hidden messages to reach different types of customers. Your content must also be very convincing and authentic. Creating the emotional storytelling content has its own challenge. You can tell a sad story and at the same time link the story to your product.

  • Fresh & New

You have to create a fresh and fun content to increase the chance of your audience to about your product. The benefit of this fresh and fun content is that not only its authenticity, but also gives you more power in addressing the message than in the form of a traditional press release.

The challenge is to make sure that the discussion about your product does not collide with the first launch. One of the brilliant examples of this case is a sponsored published campaign done by Samsung Tab A in Indonesia. The brand sponsors linked articles through 4 steps period; pre-launch, launch, tech review, and sustenance – through 13 lifestyle publishers and tech news sites. Creating a fresh and fun content will make your products easier to be recognized by the customer and easier to be a conversation material. Use the above methods if you want to launch new products.

To create great marketing and sales campaign in the digital era, we will need a Social Media Solution. The messages in the social media is recognized as a successful funnel to introduce a product and service to the customers.

One of the marketing campaigns that can be done by businesses is ads. Putting ads to the browser is proven to be effective to introduce the product and service. The information that appears in the browser will attract people’s curiosity. The curiosity may convert one’s mind to transactions. Or, it is possible that the ads are about the product or service that is needed by the one who sees it. Thus, the marketing campaign through ads can lead to selling transaction. Besides the ads, some marketing campaigns that can be done are conference calls and demonstrations of the product and service. It is also possible to do the marketing campaign with other interactive methods such as giveaway and etcetera. As for the sales campaign, the businesses could use the special rate or free trial method. The special rate can be applied with special terms and conditions in a certain period of time. The free trial or trial of use without paying can be offered in a certain period of time with limited facilities. The customers’ experiences in using the products and services may affect their mind. Besides resulting in transaction, the excellence of the product and service can make those customers as loyal customers.

The sales and marketing strategy can be done with one or more channels on social media. This will direct someone and turn him to a customer effectively. Moreover for the reactive customer that is easily affected by the surrounding people and things. Most of the sales campaigns are done in a limited period. This is designed to reach certain goals for both transaction agents. The seller and potential buyer can be motivated to move fast to the selling transaction. This sales and marketing strategy will expand the network in no time.

A platform that can be used as a marketing and sales campaign tool is here to help businesses. This sales and marketing platform can contact and help customers from various channels through a single dashboard. Besides that, this platform allows you to keep the customers’ data and convert it to business insights. All this is available because of the User Info & Disposition feature in OneTalk omnichannel platform. OneTalk as a social messaging solution will do the task to facilitate the selling transaction for the prospective customer as well as the business owner. The customers do not need to rewrite the information that has been given, because the user login info are automatically saved. This will make the customer’s data to not be overlapped or doubled in the system. The saved data will make the businesses to pay attention to the customer faster. To get to know more about OneTalk, the businesses can type OneTalk omnichannel by in their browsers.

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