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Succeed With Best Guide to Digital Strategy in 2020

By Ardian
14 / 12 / 2020
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NOW is the right time for you to turn this pandemic situation into a competitive advantage, especially for IT businesses. All consumption behavior has shifted into a more remote and mobile behavior. Which is the reason that you should take more time and energy to plan what we call Digital Marketing Strategy.

What is Digital Marketing? According to Dave Chaffey and Fiona Ellis-Chadwick in their Book, Digital Marketing (2019), it is the application of digital media, data and technology integrated with traditional communication to achieve marketing objectives. 

Consumers and businesses are almost always online and always on the move. They want to be able to communicate with their customers and observe their behavior wherever they spend time. It is why your businesses should have a successful digital strategy.

You should consider using some technology to boost your Digital Marketing through digital platforms. In 2020, there are a lot of Digital Marketing Strategies that you can apply to your business such as: Artificial Intelligence, Programmatic Advertising, Chatbots, Conversational Marketing, Personalization, etc.

Axiom, a brand strategy and marketing firm makes the case study of their Digital Strategy Marketing for Ringer Gloves. They successfully planned and executed the digital initiatives using HubSpot’s inbound marketing software. The results are outstanding. They are able to reach the highest number of e-commerce sales since site launch, website unique users surpassed industry benchmark by 62%, 4 Blog posts earned 1st result in Google for broad keywords, their landing pages surpassed industry benchmark for Cost per Contact by $41.24, their search engine marketing surpassed click through rate benchmark by 57%, they got 114% increase in clicks and 160% increase in engagement for their social media marketing. 

Those examples should clue us in that Digital Strategy is very important to your business.

What did they do to achieve all of that? Here are a few of what we concluded in their case to achieve a successful digital strategy:

  1. Blog Post Content

They do monthly blog posts that are essential for the digital strategy campaign. They do a lot of research first to figure out their audience pain points. Then they use content marketing to solve their challenges. Then, ultimately the blogs would lead audiences to landing pages, so they could maximize lead generation and also, lead conversion rates. 

Content Marketing also used by other cases, Apollo Digital, for their client. They created and promoted content, which went epicly viral and brought in over $25K in revenue (and growing). You can check more of this case here.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Axiom analyzed web traffic every month. Their strategy included the targeted keywords with high search volume that they discovered through extensive keyword research that can improve blog and website SEO. Through this research, they succeeded in earning first result for 4 Blog Posts in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) and ranked keywords increased from 119 to 227.

This strategy is now commonly used to increase traffic in websites. Basically, what you do is to increase your website traffic so people will know more about you. 

Emil Shour, a SEO and Content Marketing Strategy at SnackNation, a healthy snack delivery service also does this trick. He increases their websites pageviews by 59.20%. This tactic drew high quality traffic and their revenue skyrocketed to $100K per month!

Emil was using Skyscraper Technique which means he targeted broader keywords that their audience often searched. When he put this tactic to use, poof! His post ranked first on Google Search's first page.

  1. Search Engine Marketing

This will drive people or visitors to your e-commerce website. Axiom used some forms of paid advertising, starting from paid search and even to display ads. This results in surpassed click through rate by 57%, surpassed cost per click benchmark by 35%, 8.61% return of investment, and 47% reduction in cost-per-click.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media is the ruler of the word now. Using platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn to share your advertisement is the way to go. With this strategy, Axiom earned 14.35% increase in followers, 345% increase in website visits, 14% increase in clicks, 160% increase in engagement, etc.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing will drive lead generation and sales. Axiom will send emails to key audiences with exclusive price decreases and promos, which will help boost sales. This could also be directed to audiences on blog content and trade show events. This strategy earned a surpassed email open rate industry benchmark by 12.15% and surpassed email click through rate (CTR) by 1.3%.

  1. Video Marketing

Don’t even forget Youtube! This hotshot platform can be utilized as an advertising platform. This strategy resulted in 88% increase of total views and 151% increase in Youtube watch time.

Meet your customers where they are

The development of the Internet of Things and smart products makes customers increasingly expect to be surrounded by responsive web portals and devices. Payment gateways are no longer connected to physical cash registers, even for offline shoppers, and geographic location and Bluetooth beacons enable continuous omni-channel contact.

You can use various media to launch your digital strategy. Take an example on Google Ads that has a big reach on a lot of applications and platforms. You can direct them to your selected platform to continue networking with your customer. You could direct them to eMail, Telegram, LINE, and even WhatsApp.

As a highest-user application, using WhatsApp will give you more opportunity on your Digital Marketing Strategy than any other applications. By inserting a direct link on your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and any other platform, you can bring your customer to your communication of choice. Or, you could just use omnichannel to integrate multiple users for your WhatsApp Business.

OneTalk by, one of the best omnichannel messaging platforms will boost your sales like none other using WhatsApp accounts. You can then optimize your very own Digital Strategy with OneTalk features to boost your sales and support. Remember, personalization of your marketing should be on your priority to develop a high-quality relationship with your customers. 

Broadcast Message by OneTalk can helps you share your advertising content to your customer. This feature allows you to send messages to multiple recipients all at once. Your marketing strategy will be more interactive with this feature, sending them multimedia content such as photos, videos, and even pdf files. 

Utilize the right platform! OneTalk is providing you with WhatsApp Business API services to support your line of communication with one of the biggest messaging platforms in the world. Use this to apply your Digital Marketing Strategy and increase your sales like never before.

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