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How to Optimize Your CX to Increase Sales

By Ardian
23 / 11 / 2020
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Customer Experience

One of the biggest challenges when starting a CX project is that the aspects are so diverse, that few people share the same definition. This guide will help define and uncover some terms and provide some world-class examples of leading organizations.

Customer experience is the integration of the interactions between organizations and their customers throughout the life of their relationship. It is now a major differentiator and growth driver in the customer-facing industry.

Businesses are beginning to prioritize their customer experience. Recent Research by Adone and Econsultancy finds that Business to Business and Business to Customers marketers alike both agree that the most exciting opportunity for 2019 is optimizing the customer experience. 

But compared to a few years ago only 10% of the responding company in that research regard themselves as “very advanced”. This proved that not many are aware of the importance of this matter, or even, not successful enough to implement methods to improve their customer experience.

Why customer experience is important?

Research by Genesys stated reasons why customer experience is important. The top three being that it improves customer retention (42%), it improves customer satisfaction (33%), and it increases cross-selling and up-selling.

There are more findings regardings customer experience, a few of which are:

  • Organizations that label themselves as "very advanced" in customer experience are three times more likely than their competitors to exceed their top 2018 business goals by a significant margin. This proved how your CX can affect other aspects and your business growth. (Adobe Digital Trends Report)
  • Customer experience leaders are 4.5 times more likely than other companies to have a highly integrated suite of cloud-based technologies (32% versus 7%) to support a customer experience management strategy. Companies with a standard technology stack are 131% more likely to significantly outperform their 2018 business targets (30% versus 13%). (Adobe Digital Trends Report)
  • Experience-led companies achieved 1.6 times higher brand awareness, 1.5 times employee satisfaction, and 1.9 times average order value. Experience-led companies also had a 1.7x higher customer retention rate, 1.9x return on spend, and 1.6x higher customer satisfaction rates. (Forrester)
  • According to American Express 2017 CS Barometer, 33% of Americans stated that they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service. (American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer)

There are a few tips for those of you who want to enhance your customer experience. First thing first, you need to know the basic steps to optimize it through these 5 steps:

  1. Evaluate your business’ condition
  2. Try to know your customers.
  3. Understand how your customers interact with you.
  4. Take a look at your metrics.
  5. Get your employees on board.

After you have done those steps, now, you need to use other tools to make sure your CX turns well. One of the steps of optimizing your CX is to try to get to know your customer and understand how they react with you. The point of these steps is communication.

Communication is a scarce thing if you want to develop a good relationship with your customers. You need to open your line of communication greatly so your customers always feel that they can turn to you to talk and communicate all the time.

Using omnichannel messaging platform as a messaging solution between you and your customer might be a way to improve your customer experience. Shall we take a look to one of the trusted omnichannel messaging providers?

OneTalk by has come a long way to broach these areas of customer experience as a part of their service. OneTalk integrates several messaging channels to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience as one social messaging solution. In short, OneTalk helps unify multiple messaging platforms to make it easier for you to respond to customers.

There are several features that support you to improve your customer’s experience. Start New Conversation can help you improve your sales. This feature allows you to reach your customer first and start a new case by practicing proactive chat. You can even Start New Conversation while the case is open and assigned to other agents.

You can also increase your support  with one of other features, Mobile Agent, where your agent can handle customers even from their cell phones because OneTalk provides app that can be accessed from your phone. Your agent can access all of your company's messaging platforms, be it WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, and other platforms through just one channel with the Single Dashboard feature.

And, OneTalk is providing you with WhatsApp Business API services to support your line of communication with one of the biggest messaging platforms in the world.

With all those features, you can improve your sales and support and in turn, increasing your customer’s experience by providing what they need.

Excited for more?

Reach us here and talk to our Agent. We would be delighted to hear back from you!

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