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Support Strategies to Drive Better Retention

By Ardian
05 / 11 / 2020

An extremely important part of growing a profitable company is managing customer retention. According to a Harvard Business School study, growing customer retention rates by only 5% will increase the earnings of a company by 25-95%. What is customer retention? Customer retention is a series of practices targeted at retaining consumers and converting them into committed customers for the long term.

Any business requires a new customer. But, the simplest and most predictable source of potential revenue comes from loyal clients who already know your business and have bought it from you. It costs less to keep customers than to obtain them, and both contribute to the bottom line of the business.

It's important to be aware of customer satisfaction because it allows you to realize how committed and happy your customers are, how powerful your customer support is, and whether any warning flags can scare future customers off. 

So consider using these few support strategies to maximize your profitability by retaining the customer you currently have until you go all-in on approaches intended to bring new buyers into the sales pipeline.

  1. Always be aware of any churning sign

Preventing a customer from leaving is the most simple way to guarantee customer retention. You will still sense the signs of the customer's imminent exit if you really pay attention.

You need to define the key variables in customer behavior, such as purchasing habits, product utilization, and customer service inquiry history, to catch these 'alert' signals. Then, before they churn, you would need to analyze these signs and take steps to deter your clients. So you need to pay attention to your customers.

  1. Collect input from consumer surveys 

Asking your customer is the perfect way to find out what they think of your business. A perfect starting point for knowing what needs to be fixed with the overall experience is to use consumer surveys to gather feedback and diagnose future frustration.

To get a deeper insight into what is working, and what is not, give your clients a fast online survey to complete. On any topic, you'll never satisfy every client, but surveys will help you find trends that you've overlooked. To encourage the consumer to convey their views more fully where possible, a successful survey should include a mixture of multiple-choice questions and free text response areas.

When you ask them for their opinion, customers love it. It means that you care and are willing to go the extra mile to hold them.

  1. Communicate with your customers

The secret to online customer retention is continuous contact with clients through their favorite platform. There are 3.9 billion email users worldwide today, and even though social media is very popular, email is still the primary contact medium for customers. Use email to follow up with customers who needed help. Ask for input from customers, ask them to leave ratings online, and gather information. 

At first sight, this may sound a little simple, but what a business finds to be outstanding customer service does not necessarily fit what the customer feels is excellent customer service. 

Personalizing your experiences with customers provides an opportunity for them to stick with you. They feel as if you care, and this provides a stronger bond with your business. Via enhanced user service, the use of personalization increases customer engagement rates.

  1. Reward your customer with a loyalty program

You reward the customers who regularly order from you by establishing a consumer loyalty program. This offers them an opportunity to keep shopping. It also reveals to them that the business pays attention to its customers. You can use points or other forms of reward to your customers. It's often necessary to provide exclusive discounts and other benefits as well. 

A program of customer loyalty will inspire your customers to buy from your company. This keeps the levels of customer satisfaction high.

All of these strategies can be helped by the presence of a CXM (Customer Experience Management). CXM software facilitates and enables customer retention by helping you monitor customer activity over time. It will warn you about their shopping habits, the use of goods, and when they avoid ordering from you. To learn what their issues are, you can even monitor customer service experiences. These primary consumer behavior variables can serve as alert signs that you can use to maximize customer retention.

There is a software that can help boost CXM. OneTalk by, it uses an omnichannel networking network. Through OneTalk, you will have a lot of features to make the experience of your consumer delightful and extremely fun as a trusted omnichannel messaging network. The omnichannel function of OneTalk helps your agent to manage several client cases at one time. You should also keep an eye on the work of your agents and simultaneously push up your sales and marketing.

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