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Win The Hearts Of Your Customers and They’re A Walking Advertisement

By Ardian
05 / 10 / 2020

In every business, customers play a crucial role. They have the power to make your business succeed or fail. Other than that, the customer could also be a free advertisement. How come? The thing is, when a customer becomes a loyal buyer and is satisfied with your product, they will review and recommend your product to their friends and family. The key to loyal customers is the outstanding customer service your business delivers.

Here are some tips on how to build your loyal customer base:

  1. Know your customer and encourage them to know you

If you meet someone once, and they remember your name and specifics of your last conversation the next time you see them. Wouldn’t you be happy? For consumer loyalty, this is huge! Businesses should aspire to remember their clients. Try sending them “Happy Birthday” on their birthday and sending personalized messages.

When they feel respected, clients are more likely to be loyal; do you know their birthdays, or the ages of their parents, or the last thing they bought? During a customer's birthday, you should offer them a special offer or discount. Everyone loves a birthday treat!

Being open about your business with your clients is also important. Are you going through a tough patch of packages coming out on time? Oh, let them know. Did you just recruit a new CEO or get an amazing new product released? Give the clients a customized message, giving them a heads-up before the story gets to the newspapers. Even better, send it to your committed, trustworthy clients first to get truthful reviews.

  1. Reward your loyal customer with Customer Loyalty Program 

Create a program to appreciate your loyal customer. For example, every time your customer buys your product, give them reward points. If they collected enough points, your customer can exchange something from you, such as a product, voucher, or point that can be used to cut the price of your customer’s future shopping.

Your customer will be excited to buy your product to collect these amazing points. Or you can give them a referral code program. Every time your customer shares the referral code to their friend. They will receive a bonus. But, you need to make sure your customer’s friend input and use the referral code.

  1. Easier customer satisfaction

You can receive data about them when they sign up for your business. Store your customer data, such as birthday, email, phone number, favorite or most purchase product, and others. Offer them something similar based on their last purchase.

You also need to decide on your own customer market. For example, you are selling dress and blouse, probably your business buyer history will be dominated by women right? Your business idea customer will be most women in the world. Do some research on it, look at the trends. So when they are looking at your shop, they will think “Ah.. this store is update with fashion season”. Knowing your business is always update will encourage your customer satisfaction

  1. Encouraging input from clients

Be an attentive business owner, listen to their complaints and reviews. This will help you to develop your product better than before. Via platforms like Twitter and customer forums, you can also have excellent customer support. When a problem is settled or a purchase is complete, reach out and inquire about the experience of your client. 

Automated email systems such as newsletters are another way to inquire for feedback. Send a prompt to check the business for an exclusive discount after a client has made a certain amount of transactions. Use them in the surveys if you deal with consumers.

Those are some tips on building customer loyalty. Omnichannel offers features based on the tips above. You can use disposition and customer detail features. With Disposition, you can create and summarize the Disposition of each incoming case to get business insights from your customers. The goal is to gain insight to reduce similar cases in the future, gain insights to reduce similar cases in the future, and generate new business ideas.

Through Omnichannel’s feature case detail, you can understand your customers further by knowing how long they have been waiting, their history, the channels they use, and many other things. 

Omnichannel also offers User Session Synchronization to make it easier for your customers to contact you by connecting to their login session, so that your customers don't have to enter their information again. You can store your customer data using this feature. There will be no more duplicate customer data, easily access your customer case history, and make it easier and faster for the flow of engagement with your customers.

There are many messaging channels offered by Omnichannel, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, LINE, Email, and more. This will make it easier for your customers to contact you through various channels and reach them more conveniently.

By the way, a little tip, you need to specialize in your design brand. Let’s take the example of Louis Vuitton. Who doesn’t know their famous pattern? If someone walks in with a Louis Vuitton bag you will instantly know it’s their product. By creating unique designs, your customer will literally be a walking advertisement.

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